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A healthy lifestyle balance is dependent on a good nights of sleep. This DIY Essential Oil Recipe for Sleep can aid in relaxation and help you.

Homemade Aromatherapy Patches for Insomnia – Yak Max – You can make essential oil patches that will help with tension, nausea, headaches, and other minor complaints. The following instructions are for a sleep patch using lavender oil that can help with relaxation, anxiety, tension, and insomnia.

Millions have problems with sleep. Find out how aromatherapy and the best essential oils for sleep can change your life and help you get the rest you need.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep. The aromatherapy from many essential oils can exert strong calming effects. Most people are familiar with the idea of lavender for helping to calm and induce sleep. But it’s not the only essential oil that can help support a good night’s rest.

How to use essential oils for sleep support. When using essential oils to help the whole family sleep through the night, there are two main methods I like to use: For the kids, I will take 1-3 drops of essential oil and blend it with 1 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil. This is the dilution I use for kids ages 1 and above.

We used almond oil as our carrier oil, but you can replace that with jojoba oil if you have a nut allergy. We roll it over her neck near her one thyroid lobe each day, back and forth once or twice. Here’s the formula we use. Greta’s Blend. 10 drops Myrrh. 10 drops Lemongrass. 2-3 drops Clove. 2-3 drops Peppermint.

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This roll on essential oil blend is perfect for keeping in your purse. Just apply whenever you need a little stress relief! I thought I’d share this easy tutorial to make your own roll on essential oil blend for stress.

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It is another great essential oil for sleep and has a lovely floral aroma. Chamomile blends wonderfully with lavender. It is easy to incorporate pillow sprays into your sleep routine. Once you have your pillow mist made, you will need to lightly mist your pillow and sheets about 10 minutes before bedtime.

Essential Oils – A Natural Sleep Aid. Before offering our Liquid Ambien essential oils recipe, here are a few statistics about sleep issues in America:. Nearly a third of Americans struggle with some kind of sleep disruption

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